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Uncontested Divorces and Mediation

Most divorces in New York are granted on an uncontested basis.  Many families have insufficient income and assets to even justify court intervention.  Many other families can resolve all issues related to a divorce amicably in a written settlement agreement. In these cases, a divorce decree can be obtained on an uncontested basis and without the need to ever go to court.

The paperwork necessary to obtain an uncontested divorce is complex and cumbersome.  Parties seeking an uncontested divorce must prepared, among other things: a summons; a verified complaint; affidavits from both parties (or an affidavit of service if the defendant refuses to participate); an affirmation of regularity; a certification that Part 130 of the Court rules has been complied with; a certificate of dissolution; a child support worksheet; a statement concerning the continuation of health insurance (DRL 255); proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law; and a proposed Judgment of Divorce. 

Having prepared the paperwork for uncontested divorces on numerous occasions, Andrew T. Coyle is equipped to draft and file uncontested divorce documents on an expedited basis, and for a reasonable flat rate.

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