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With experience working in—and representing clients in—both Federal and New York State courts, Andrew T. Coyle is prepared to fight for your rights in any business or commercial dispute:

  • He has represented pharmaceutical wholesalers in class action anti-trust suits in federal court against large pharmaceutical companies;
  • He has represented real estate brokers in disputes with buyers and purchasers; in disputes with a real estate salesperson; and against one of the largest real estate brokerage companies for theft of trade secrets and unfair competition;
  •   He has represented nightclubs and hotels in litigation, including The Plaza hotel in New York City;
  • He has represented a condominium association against individual unit owners for the failure to pay building maintenance charges;
  •  He has represented the estate of a famous reggae artist in a dispute concerning music royalties; and 
  • He represented a law firm in a fraudulent conveyance action to collect fees from a prior client.

In addition to his representation of various businesses in commercial disputes, Andrew T. Coyle also has significant experience representing commercial property owners in landlord and tenant disputes, including in opposition to Yellowstone applications and in ejection actions in New York Supreme Court.

Given his considerable experience, Andrew T. Coyle is prepared to commence commercial dispute in either state or federal court, handle the case through the discovery process, trial, and appeal.  However, he can also assist in mediating, arbitrating, or settling any business or commercial dispute.

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